Service Philosophy

Nicholas Gakos, ASLA is a Licensed Professional Landscape Architect Office providing personal comprehensive service to each client regarding all aspects of various types of exterior development projects. Whether the project is large or small, implemented in a single or multiple phases, the service is dedicated to providing a ‘Best Fit’ project outcome constructed with state of the art quality adding value and maximizing budget potential to each work.

Through 35 years of professional practice, Nicholas Gakos, ASLA has developed a reputation for his ability to deliver ‘unique design solutions’ which creatively combine the existing physical site character with the client’s improvement program resulting in seamless project compositions. Project solutions never appear forced regardless of the extent of constructed intervention and are completed with a blended visual character with the surrounding landscape.

Project Types

• Private, public, residential, commercial or      corporate
• Renovations and/or new construction
     completed entirely or in phases
• Site improvements including grading, drainage      and general utility
• Waterscape including swimming pools, spas,      waterfalls, fountains, pond and stream
     features, and water edge structures such as
     lake walls and docks
• Hardscape including various natural or cast      stone walls, steps and pavement types,
     natural or engineered wood and metal
     features, stock or custom fences, decks,
     garden structures and pergolas
• Landscape plantings including entire or
     multiple styles of sun or shade, natural or
     formal, contemporary or classic, woodland,      meadow and/or transitions, theme
     gardens, oriental or zen gardens, native
     or exotic plantings, rock and container
• Earth sculpturing, boulder placement and rock      formations
• Active recreation including tennis, bocce,      basketball and shuffle courts
• Illumination systems for façade, area, feature,      security and general landscape lighting
• Irrigation for automatic and drip multiple zone      systems


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